Brave New World Has Been Archived.

Dear readers,

There is good news, and there is bad news.

First, the bad news.

When I started Brave New World back in December 2010, I hardly had any *plan* on my mind. There was no strategy for promotion, no prototype for publication — none of that. It was just an experiment conducted by a 19-year old because, hey, why not!

Over time, BNW rose to bigger and better heights. Assistant editors came in, and so did hundreds of writers and contributors, along with thousands of readers and subscribers, from virtually every country of the world.

This is where I decided to extend Brave New World, possibly with the intention of targeting a new niche and audience.

And this is precisely where I realized, BNW had been touching its limits of growth for quite some time.

I was trying to expand the coverage of Brave New World, but whatever I did, it ended up conflicting with BNW’s image of an alternative publication. Experimenting with different genres and topics too was given a thought, but even that meant diverting away from the existing publication policy and possibly, just possibly, leaving our subscribers and readers confused or, even worse, unhappy. All of this, I felt, was just spreading BNW thin.

Furthermore, as years went by, I got involved with additional ventures and projects, both commercial and non-commercial. Time became scarce, and sadly, for the past few months, I couldn’t devote myself fully to the management and publication of Brave New World.

As such, after nearly four years, as much as I hate saying it, I believe time has come for Brave New World to retire.

Now, the good news.

Even though Brave New World will no longer publish new content, many of its authors and contributors that you have grown fond of over these four years, will be a part of my new project (I assure you, this one isn’t an experiment): The Globe Monitor.

The Globe Monitor is an e-magazine that will focus, strictly and entirely, on international affairs, diplomacy and conflict studies. The website is already live, and so is the Facebook page, and there is also an email subscribers’ list.

What happens to Brave New World and its existing content?

For a good while, I toyed with the idea of migrating BNW’s articles to The Globe Monitor, and then redirecting Brave New World to the new website. However, I found this idea to be conflicting with journalistic integrity: those articles and cartoons were provided, free of charge, by contributors who appreciated Brave New World and all that it stood for. More importantly, redirecting Brave New World’s domain to The Globe Monitor might help the latter in terms of search engine ranks, but at the end of the day, it will be a breach of faith with BNW’s readers and followers.

Therefore, I have decided to retain Brave New World online: I will fund its web hosting fees and other charges, and keep BNW alive as an active website. You can browse and read all the older articles. Just that new articles shall no longer be posted here, nor will any of the erstwhile content ever be edited and/or updated henceforth.

Just so you know, some very fine day, there might also be a remote possibility that Brave New World is revived and gets back into publication — but as I said, that is just a distant *possibility*. For now, all said and done, Brave New World has entered the ‘archived’ mode.

Questions? The contact form on this website and my email address will obviously continue working, so you can write to me whenever you want.

Lastly, I suppose this is the best time to convey a heartfelt word of gratitude to everyone who made Brave New World a success — contributors, writers, cartoonists, editors, and most importantly, the readers and subscribers. BNW has seen great heights of success, and the credits goes out to each and everyone of you!

Once again, Brave New World is not *dead* (and God be Willing, it won’t ever die either). However, it has been archived, and all new content will now be published on The Globe Monitor.


Sufyan bin Uzayr