Excerpt from the PDF:

Over my 72 years of existence I have had occasion to have contact with at least a dozen Christian denominations; and although I have found some appealing elements in some of them (e.g., the adult discussion group of a United Methodist church of which I used to be a member, the ―philosophy behind Quaker religious meetings), my general conclusion is that none of those denominations has enough to offer to justify its continued existence. In effect, what I am declaring here is that I can see no reason why Christianity should not be abandoned.

I suspect that many who have been associated with other religions could make the same declaration regarding their own religion, and I say to them: Why don’t we recognize that we have much in common, and simply initiate a new religion? A religion that will be welcoming to anyone, regardless if they are theists or atheists, Republican or Democrat (to refer to American politics), straight or gay, white or red or yellow or black or green, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, etc., etc.

Use this link to download the full PDF: NeWFism — A Religion for the Twenty-First Century

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