Poem: Nature or Nurture? — A Profile of Genetic Disposition

By: S. W. Pringle

The question seems to remain open for sociologists

as to whether highly principled character development

is per-determined by ancestral genes

or are we born with a clean slate

does class count?

The altruistic side of my nature would like to believe

that any commoner born to a low class working family

can be cultivated to exhibit noble sentiments

reality says otherwise

any animal-breeder

will tell you right away that it is in the genes

that it takes generations to breed good pedigree

and so too is it with the human animal

this is not to say that an occasional peasant

will rise to the occasion and exhibit a noble spirit

but that is rare

the reason why the question remains open

is because it is not politically correct in a democratic society

where everybody is presumed to be born equal

to classify our social structures

the added specter of being accused of eugenics

does little to bring clarity

this evasion of calling a spade a spade

flies in the face of science itself

Darwin has proved that the development of the fittest

is accomplished via a gradual process of natural selection

and that the transformation from base stock

takes time and circumstance

India one of the the origins of civilized human development

constitutes that we are born to be who we are

more or less affirming that it is all in the genes

and defines its social structure into four distinct classes of graduated character refinement

the peasant caste

the merchant caste

the warrior or ruling caste

and the Brahman or priest caste.

For me the question has always been

what then distinguishes each class from the next

I see the peasant as a fundamentally ethical human being

the result of 100,000 generations of human evolution

who’s character is more or less governed by natural family values

who’s survival is dependent on prevailing political ideologies

willing to work for anybody for a living

even migrate for that reason

with no particular set of higher principles or estate ambitions

to alter and refine basic behavior

I see the merchant middle class as ambitious individuals

self-determined to rise above basic family values

in order to improve their lot in life

with no higher principles than that of the private profit motive

and some degree of municipal well being that will keep their business profitable

I see the warrior or noble class

as those few who have risen above the merchant/consumer mentality

and are principally concerned with the larger ideological needs that

promote local and national stability

all three of the above classes conform to the gradual process of natural selection

with birth more or less regulated by class marriage taboos

the fourth class

that of the shaman/priest/healer/teacher/psychologist/philosopher

is not selected by Nature or by nurturing

I believe this caste is intuitively “called” to service

by Divine Design

and can be born into any of the other three classes

any other thoughts on this?

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About the author: S. W. Pringle is an international documentary television producer who has studied and filmed almost every major culture on Earth. Having lectured on Race Relations at several universities, Pringle is the author of “Psyche Genetics” and the developer of the HEARTSTART home-school education program that concentrates on equal left/right brain development. He is also the Director of the Global Stewardship Foundation. To read his blog, click here.