Leftism, Population and Globalization

By: Peter Goodchild 

The fabric of Western society has been disintegrating for some time. The destruction can largely be blamed largely on Marxism, socialism, left-wing thinking, which has encouraged the nanny state, with people living in perpetual imbecility and irresponsibility. Of course it is not entirely the ideology, the “ism,” that creates the problem; the prevailing ideology is a reflection of the social structure. But one can also present the opposite argument: that an ideology can become an effective force in history, even if that ideology is false.

But what does “left wing” mean nowadays? In France long ago, the terms had a precise meaning, based on where one was actually sitting in the Estates General, indicating one’s attitude toward the Revolution. Now it perhaps means big government, and big spending by that government, but above all it means supporting the “poor” rather than the “greedy” — as opposed to supporting the “rich” rather the “lazy,” as the other side might put it.

Leftists have a strong sense of “wrong,” but especially when they look at themselves. They hate their own culture and their own heritage. They live with a sense of guilt and shame, they suffer from self-loathing. They feel a need for self-abasement. They have low self-confidence, low self-assurance, low self-esteem. As confirmed underdogs, they have self-destructive attitudes about sexuality, marriage, and the family. But they can never please themselves, perhaps because they could never please anyone else.

Once that sense of low self-esteem has become fixed, all else follows: one must believe that “sharing the wealth” is more important than reducing the problems of overpopulation and excessive resource-consumption, and one must believe that one’s own culture is guilty of some nameless crime that makes it necessary to give preferential treatment to any and all other cultures. Of course, that is a belief with which those “other cultures” are always happy to agree. And once that “guilt” has become established as “fact,” every piece of paper that appears in public must emphasize “multiculturalism” at all costs. Although the terms are used misleadingly, everything must emphasize “fairness,” “democracy,” and “equal rights.”

There are corollaries to all the above. Leftists must believe in prohibiting the ownership of guns, for example. If people believe they are inferior beings, they must also believe they have no right to defend themselves.

There is little difference between Marxism and Nazism. They both say, “You are the oppressed. We shall raise you up.” Whereas Marxism emphasizes the first sentence, Nazism emphasizes the second. They both conclude with, “Stop thinking, and let us do the thinking for you.” Any country with a two-party system offers the same display of Tweedledum and Tweedledee. But it takes very little to turn most people into True Believers, and whether they follow Marxism or Nazism or any other “ism” is a rather arbitrary matter. Anything is better than the headache of having an original thought. The dichotomy between one party and another is not the same as the true struggle against industrial slavery, which most “isms” perpetuate.

Cultural Relativism

Leftists believe all cultures are identical. They think every society advocates democracy, equal rights, civil liberty, and the rule of law. In their naivety, they cannot believe that many other cultures are cruel and intolerant, locked in the pre-literate mentality of a thousand years ago. In reality, even in most cultures of the present day the average person can barely read or write, contrary to the official figures on literacy. There are, at the same time, many petty tribes each of which regards itself as “God’s chosen people.” Westerners today cannot understand that there can be such vast differences between the mentality of one culture and another. The mainstream news-media foster this misunderstanding by failing to report the shocking statistics of rape, mutilation, murder, and other barbarisms that go on in this world.

Most people have lost a sense of history, yet cruelty has long been a part of that history. Beginning about 5,000 years ago in the Near East, various civilizations arose in Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Persia, and so on. After a war between city-states, it was customary for all the male inhabitants of the losing city to be put to death, and impalement was one of the most common forms of killing. That ancient mentality has not entirely passed away.

Global Governance

Leftists are self-contradictory in their comments about “world government.” Although they believe that there is a global conspiracy to create a New World Order, via the UN or the Bilderburgers or whoever, they are nevertheless infatuated with an ideal global organization of some sort that would ensure the equalization of all people, and which above all would ensure the equal division of the world’s resources. This self-contradiction can be explained as a fantasy about Mum and Dad, as they never were — omniscient, omnipotent, and infinitely loving, or in other words godlike, “someone to watch over me.” By looking at the fantasy one can also see how easy it is for leftists to drift off into science fiction, believing that the planet is controlled by godlike extraterrestrials.

Population and Immigration

There are more than seven billion people on Earth. Overpopulation is destroying the planet, but the problem is ignored. The reasons for the denial of this problem are many, but they include the influence of certain religious groups with the misnomer of “pro-life.” In certain primitive societies, religious leaders believe the way to increase the power of their own tribe is to use breeding to push other tribes off the land. In industrial societies, though, a more common reason why overpopulation is ignored is that business people are happy to have an ever-expanding source of cheap labor and a growing consumer market.

Another important reason for denying the problem is leftist reluctance to point a finger at poor people, immigrants, or particular ethnic groups. Leftists avoid criticizing population growth because they believe that all people are equal in some sense and have equal rights, and that all people are fundamentally kind-hearted and should be able to coexist in any situation.

But above all we must blame the silence about overpopulation on the relentless desire of politicians to win votes from anyone and everyone. “Multicultural” is every politician’s favorite word. Politicians also love the oxymoron “sustainable development.”

“Overpopulation” tends to be a euphemism for “over-immigration.” Every country in the world is already well populated, in most cases quite overpopulated. The conception of some sort of land that is lying “empty,” waiting for the blessing of new arrivals, is a fiction invented by dishonest politicians. Emigration and immigration, transferring the problem of overcrowding from one country to another, do no good at all; if anything, they simply perpetuate the illusion that birth control is unnecessary. Just as one leftist ideal, that of “spreading the wealth,” would only result in universal poverty, so “spreading the population” would only exacerbate universal overpopulation.

Politicians, environmentalists, and corporations work together to perpetuate dishonesty. Corporate funding of major environmentalist groups does quite a job of disconnecting them from discussion of population: such groups may be “green” but they are no longer “clean.” No doubt the environment needs to be defended, but in the meantime its self-proclaimed champions are turning themselves into billionaires by deceiving the public.

Non-Renewable Resources

Leftists fail to understand that the world is starting to run out of fossil fuels, and out of a hundred other non-renewable natural resources from aluminum to zirconium. Leftists believe we just need to share the existing resources more equitably. Besides, leftists think we have no reason to worry about fossil fuels because we will all be saved by some sort of “alternative energy,” in spite of the fact that many long years of searching for this mysterious “energy” have resulted in nothing impressive.

Without fossil fuels, however, modern methods of food production will disappear, and crop yields will be far less than at present. We should therefore have no illusions that several billion humans can be fed by “organic gardening” or anything else of that nature.

Globalization and Automation

Globalization is another serious issue that has been obscured by dishonest politicians of all parties. For many years, the largest corporations have been getting their work done by sending it out to whatever countries have the poorest people and the most repressive governments. The result is that people in the more-developed countries lose their jobs. Even when the official unemployment levels are low, the figures are misleading; large numbers of the employed are no longer working at well-paid, permanent jobs. Many are now working part-time, and others have given up hope of work. These factors are not counted in the official unemployment figures.

The problem of globalization is closely related to the problem of automation. Both problems increase production but decrease payrolls. Economic disparity is therefore a characteristic of our times. For many years there has been a widening gap between the rich and the poor: while most incomes have either fallen or not changed, the households at the top have seen both their wealth and their income increase considerably. Perhaps the good news is that, as natural resources disappear, there will be breakdowns in transportation and communication that will make it impossible to maintain a globalized economy. Meanwhile, although we promise ourselves not to keep shopping at the big-box stores, our poverty tends to make “shopping locally” an impossible luxury.


We must understand the fact of global overpopulation. We should not be satisfied with “standing room only.” We must support rational controls on immigration levels. In reality, in the modern world high levels of immigration do no good at all for any industrialized nation. And we must accept the fact that the cultures of this world do not blend easily into one another.

We must understand the importance of raising educational standards, because a broad knowledge of the world will improve the life of each individual person. Part of the advancement of education is helping people to realize that saving the environment begins by “saving” it from being crushed by humanity. We must also explain that fossil fuels and many other resources are in short supply.

We must understand that patriotism is acceptable, and that displaying a flag is not a hate crime. Nationalism is hostility toward other countries, whereas patriotism means the love of one’s country, although no doubt a multinational corporation would be happy to have the word “country” regarded as an obsolete term.

And we must understand that we’re all very different from one another. That’s just how it goes.

About the author: Peter Goodchild is the author of ‘Survival Skills of the North American Indians’ (Chicago Review Press). Click here to mail him.